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Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Solutions is working hard to be the area’s most trusted air conditioning repair and installation company.

We know that it’s frustrating and inconvenient when an air conditioner beaks down, so our goal is to smooth and simplify things for our customers.   Despite the often unexpected cost, air conditioning service or installation projects can be mostly painless: we firmly believe that it’s possible for customers to have a positive experience.   We go about making this happen in a number of ways:

  • Respond quickly to calls for emergency repairs, 24 hours a day.
  • Offer highly rated, ultra-efficient air conditioning products.
  • Hire skilled, professional technicians with a commitment to customer service.
  • Complete HVAC/R installations and repairs in a timely manner and on budget.
  • Provide accurate, competitive estimates with no hidden charges.


Air Conditioner Installation

Proper air conditioning installation has a much bigger effect on indoor comfort than many people realize. For examples, the unit needs to be sized appropriately for the space. If it’s too small, it won’t be able to cool the  space adequately. If the unite is too large, it may not run long enough to keep the building at the right level of humidity. Additionally, duct work must be properly designed to avoid hot or cold spots, and the ducting needs to be correctly installed and sealed to avoid problems with air quality and energy efficiency.

This isn’t the kind of job that should be simply handed over to the lowest bidder.  The heat load of your building is affected by many things – doors, windows, roof type, appliances, computers, etc.  We will measure the heat load of your building to accurately size your air conditioning equipment.  It’s important to choose a reputable air conditioning installation company who has years of training and experience.  Commercial Air Solutions is not a fly-by-night company.  Commercial Air Solutions been in business for 12+ years, bringing together 30+ years of experience to meet your HVAC/R needs.  We provide quality work at a competitive price, backed by a guarantee.  When you have questions or concerns, we’re here with you every step of the way.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Just as vehicles need periodic maintenance, air conditioning systems need seasonal checks and cleanings.  A routine tune-up is an affordable way to keep the unit running its best, potentially saving money on energy bills and avoiding the inconvenience of unexpected repairs.  Protect your investment – as well as your budget – with a planned maintenance agreement.

Commercial Air Solutions offers a wide selection of high-efficiency units with eco-friendly refrigerants, ductless systems, and more.  We are skilled at putting together the right equipment for every situation.  Let Commerical Air Solutions make you and your employees more comfortable indoors.

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